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Acura NSX 2017

  • Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)/Power Drive Unit (PDU)
  • 9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission with Direct Drive Motor
  • 573 hp


  • Make


  • Color


  • Class

    Sports Car

  • body

    All Wheel Drive

  • model


  • Make


  • Make





  • engine

    Twin-turbocharged DOHC V6

  • transmission

    9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission with Direct Drive Motor


    500 hp @ 6500-7500 rpm

  • torque

    406 lb.-ft. @ 2000-6000 rpm


    Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system

  • 0-60MPH

  • 1/4 MILE



    191 mph


When the original Acura NSX made its debut 25 years ago, it forever changed the supercar universe by combining scintillating sports car styling and athletic performance—common traits long associated with the exotic car segment—with a new dimension of quality, exceptional ergonomics, comfort, and dynamic poise. The NSX introduced and defined Acura’s approach to “Precision Crafted Performance” with its cutting-edge design and innovative technology that provided accessible supercar performance for real drivers in the real world.

By making use of advanced new technologies such as a lightweight yet rigid all-aluminum monocoque body/chassis and a mid-mounted transverse V6, the original NSX challenged the conventional wisdom for a supercar. Its high-revving V6 engine featured a number of innovative production car technologies including forged pistons, titanium connecting rods and VTEC valve train.

Moreover, the NSX sought a more intimate connection between the car, the driver and the road underneath them, pursued through essential design elements – light weight, open and airy cockpit, and excellent ergonomics – creating an altogether new and paradigm-challenging definition of supercar performance.

Next Generation Concept
The overarching concept for the design and development of this next-generation NSX was the idea of a “human-centered supercar,” one that places the driver at the center of its mission in each and every element of its design and dynamic performance.

Respecting the foundational concepts of the original NSX—accessible supercar performance, everyday drivability, and openness to new technology—this next-generation NSX pursues an altogether new and revolutionary concept of Acura supercar performance – melding timeless NSX values with advanced technologies to create a New Sports eXperience.

Advanced Fundamentals (Timeless NSX Values)
First and foremost, the engineering team felt a tremendous responsibility to continue the fundamental innovation pursued by the original NSX team. Four foundational philosophies are fundamental to the timeless NSX values and essential to realize the new NSX concept and goals:

  • Total Airflow Management – a wholistic approach to thermal management and aerodynamic performance that supports and enhances dynamic response and high-speed stability without the need for active aero devices
  • Human Support Cockpit – a cabin that supports the driver and amplifies the driving experience with no sacrifice to comfort or everyday usability
  • Multi-Material Body – light and ultra-rigid body, applying material, construction and joining methodology optimized to the mission of each body component
  • Advanced Sports Package – optimizing the design and packaging in all the above aspects—the human package, the body, and finally the key components of the power unit to lower and center the mass of the vehicle.

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